Misconceptions of “sustainability”

In this article by Spencer B. Beebe he discusses the problem behind using the word “sustainability” so freely.  It has been conveyed to the public that everything has the potential to be reusable or under the sustainable category.  I thought this was an interesting article because it is an issue with communicating this topic accurately. In order to make an impact, communicating this idea to generate awareness is needed to be portrayed as allowing an individual the possibility to contribute. For things to change, the biggest piece of advice is to begin now and not wait around for the government to change policies.

“Today we waste far too much precious hope, time and energy waiting for traditional institutions of government and large corporations to solve our fundamental problems. Why wait on national political solutions when there is so much good work to be done at home? A truly adaptive, resilient, and more natural form of development comes most easily from the very intimate relationships between people and place.”–Spencer B. Beebe

Many people can fall into the “we see the world is in crisis, what can we do about it?” As overwhelming as the issues of the environment are, it is the small things that should be focused on in every day life. I am happy to see that the university has a website dedicated to the sustainable movement.


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