Coca-Cola most littered brand

Time to decide on a project.  We discussed in class a few ideas and it was so hard to choose.  I really liked the idea of collecting litter from the highways or around campus and seeing which brand was the most littered.  Cigarrettes are not a surprising one to hear, and makes me glad for the new no smoking on campus policy beginning next year. 

I looked up some articles and found that in the UK the most littered brand was Coca-Cola.  This was suprising! The brand released a statement in January of 2010 in THIS  article saying their goals of “going green” and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.  One month later in THIS it was found to be the most littered.  Ironic but also since it was so shortly after their new campaign, the message has since been more followed.  When I think of Coca-Cola I think of a company that is aiming for sustainable methods.


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