Slowly learning what it takes

I am guilty of following the trend of “go green” in more of the negative realm.  In high school I took environmental science, which was one of my favorite classes for opening my eyes to what precautions people should be taking in lifestyle and product choices.  One thing, however, that it did not inform me well on was the power of going TOO green.  I was out, left and right purchasing products with the green logo, cutting out all types of meat for a length of time thinking all animals were factory farmed and I needed to save them (my mom did not hide her annoyance with this change in my diet with the increased difficulty it caused for her to cook).  Greenwashing was not a term I understood until this class, and I was not researching and following up on brands I was purchasing to make sure they were honest.  Eventually, my extreme transformation of living exhausted me and left me feeling unsatisfied for I did not see much difference coming from my change in lifestyle.  Glad to say I calmly decided that maybe going in all extremes was not the best method for making a difference I could keep up with.  The discussions in this class have helped solidify and develop habits that are moderate and can contribute to making a change.  I really enjoyed Kevin Tuerff from Enviromedia.  I appreciate and respond well to hearing that the world is not perfect, but baby steps and small differences are ways to move forward.  The discouraged feeling I felt after making so many changes with little to show is something I want people to avoid and to realize it is unrealistic to do alone.  Werbach’s North Star goal is a wonderful way to set up a problem to find a solution and stay on task and setting small goals (walking to class instead of driving, using a reusable water bottle…etc) are significant ways to improve lifestyle and promote sustainability.  Knowing these small steps add up, is motivating and leaves opportunity to keep brainstorming other steps to take.


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