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March 7, 2011


I liked a quote in THIS article

“it’s really consumers setting the agenda, not the retailer. “Our customer is becoming much more articulate about needs in this space,” she said. “The best way to do it is to work together as an industry.”–Andrea Thomas, senior VP-sustainability for Walmart, the flagship U.S. retailer of the Walmart Stores.

The industry is changing and with Wal-Mart continuing to stay strong on adapting their policies to more sustainable practices, people take notice and begin to join.

“So, for example, Adam Werbach cites a Wal-Mart worker who walked into a break room one day and wondered why the Pepsi vending machine had a light inside. Knowing that the company was committed to becoming more energy-efficient and sustainable, the worker removed the bulb. Word spread. Eventually, Wal-Mart’s CFO decried that all the unneeded lights be taking out of all the vending machines in the stores. “That one simple effort saved about $1 million in energy costs,” Werbach says. Just as important, Wal-Mart’s PSPs have helped working-class people in the middle of the country to environmentalism–something that I doubt the Sierra Club has been able to do.”–find this quote here

March 7, 2011

Moving forward

A recent group study done by Sustainable Business Oregon found that people are wary of greenwashing and think the movement will advance further in the next few years. Check it out.

“The survey was conducted last November among a targeted group of sustainability-minded professionals and garnered 291 responses.

Not surprisingly, the group found that respondents were bullish on the prospect of sustainable business — even in the face of changing political leadership and a struggling economy. Eighty-three percent of those surveyed said the movement is still gaining steam and will play a bigger or much bigger role in the U.S. economy over next five years.”

While it is important to advertise and promote sustainable brands, businesses hesitate to partake but I agree with the study that it will eventually move forward.