Lithium Batteries, who knew?

My group has decided to work on the use of lithium ion batteries and inform the campus of what this means. 

Lithium ion batteries are used in many commone electronics including:



Cell Phones



….even hybrid cars use this battery.  Bringing up this issue, I was unaware and didn’t even realize I own multiple products that use this battery.  What do I do with it when I’m done with a product?  Either it has been lost or stolen but when I am done with my Ipod, it’s dated or is not working, I store it away.  I am one of the many that do this along with throw away or some careless way to dispose of it. 

NOW: there is another option that should be considered, RECYCLING

Don’t really know why this didn’t occur to me but I guess the idea of recycling AA batteries went into the same category..wasn’t aware I could.

With the project, we are going to build a website and inform people and switch their reflexes from “throw away” as the first option to “recycle”.


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